Monday, June 26, 2017

Here is another take on the legendary Epic 686, highly appraised and abused by glass aficionados all over the world. This was built to a returning customer and friend here in Sweden. The reel seat is made of NS skeleton and Bocote, and has an ergonomic transition to a comfortable reversed Ritz grip, with a slight flare in thumb position. Light chrome guides wrapped in YLI silk, and a Mildrum style stripping guide. I look forward to publish some fish pics with this rod later in the winter. 

Nico Vreugdenhil is a new, talented rod builder from the Netherlands. Nico has recently released a parabolic blank designed by himself under the brand Yamame Fly Rods. A couple of months ago, he asked me if I was interested in evaluating the taper and build a rod for him. I love new blanks and couldn't resist the offer. This is my take on this blank. It's a 7'2'', 5wt rod with true parabolic action, rolled by Mike McFarland. A few years ago, it was hard to find parabolic glass tapers on the market, but today there are a few. My personal favorite is Dennis Franke, but unfortunately those old rods never surface the market. Close behind is Mario Wojnicki, who has a bunch of amazing (and expensive) paras. Among contemporary builders, Chris Barclay has a few really nice parabolics in his line up at reasonable prices. Nico Vreugdenhil has designed a very competitive taper, that was made to fish and is surprisingly accurate on all distances. The rod was appointed with all cork reel seat, NS skeleton and bamboo/micarta butt. Straight Ritz grip, with a front ring in cork bark. Snake Brand Universals wrapped in Pearsall, and a Mildrum style stripping guide. I hope you will enjoy the rod, Nico!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Last year in March I participated in the Swedish Sportfishing Fair. One of the evenings, I was approached by Mr Gordon Sim, CEO of Loop Tackle. He was familiar of my work, and proposed a collaboration. Loop is a Swedish company that I have always admired, with great inventions and bold ideas. The offer was very flattering, and I decided to accept the challenge. I have been featuring a lot of fiberglass builds over the last five years, but to be honest, my philosophy is that all materials shine in their own way. This is the first outcome of our collaboration, a sweet 8'6'', 3wt graphite rod from the amazing Cross S1 series. I made one of these rods a couple years back, and decided to develop this build a few steps further. This blank is extremely light weight, and reasonably long for being a 3wt. Perfect for lifting up line when you have high banks behind you, or for high stick nymphing. Appointed with an all cork seat, with rubber/delrin butt cap, blued NS rings and pyrographic logo. No cork check, instead using the old Fine Tackle void. Straight Ritz grip, 5.5'' long, extra thin profile. Snake Brand Universals, wrapped with YLI silk in Charcoal. The reel is the iconic Loop Model 1, the smallest in the family - a perfect match. I have a bunch of upcoming trout weight blanks from this series. I hope that Mr. Sim will appreciate the result. I look forward to continue the collaboration with the amazing guys at Loop Tackle.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

It has been awfully quiet from me the last six months. I have been busy reading and planning, but the production has been moderate. Here is however a recently finished rod, made for a fellow rod builder in the UK, the highly skilled bamboo builder Luke Bannister. I was approached by Luke last summer, wondering if I was interested in building a rod on his newly developed glass blank. This is a 7', 4wt, medium-fast, crisp progressive rod. Reel seat insert in brown/white Ziricote, with dual direction slide seat in blued brass. Mildrum stripping guide and SB Universals wrapped with Gossamer. It's always flattering to be asked to build rods for other builders, and this time it's even more special. I have slowly started to explore the world of bamboo, and have been admiring Lukes work for years. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Here comes my first build on the 4pc version of Epic Swifts highly appreciated Fastglass blank series. The 580-4 feels just as great as the 580-3. Same accuracy and capability, with increased packability. The recent generation of the Epic blanks has a sparkling color, which also applies to this blank. I was hestitant at first, but have to admit it looks great without getting blingy. This rod was appointed with a sliding seat in titan and a straight 5.5’’ Ritz grip. Mildrum style stripping guide and Snake Brand Universals in dark nickel, wrapped in brown Gossamer silk. Well done, Carl and Jeanie! 

This rod has a wonderful story around it. During the late winter I was contacted by a bespoke shoe-maker in Barcelona, Mr Norman Vilalta. Norman is a true artisan and makes the most beautiful shoes available. Even better he has a very unique style, classic yet contemporary. This appeals to me on all levels. Norman offered me a pair of shoes in return for a build. I decided to offer him a Tom Morgan build, and this is the result. The TMR 7’6’’, 4wt is as smooth as it gets. Perfect for trout fishing in crystal clear Pyrenéean mountain streams. I decided to finish it with an all cork seat to keep the weight down. The reel seat is seamlessly connected to slightly tapered Ritz grip. Mildrum stripping guide and Snake Brand Universal snake guides wrapped in red Gossamer silk. Norman - I hope you will enjoy this rod as much as I will wear your shoes with pride. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I have a bunch of blanks from Tom Morgan in stock, and the fact that he has decided to offer his business for sale makes it very hard for me to finish and offer them. This is the “Streamer Special”, 8’6’’, 6wt, and it really is was it says - a great streamer rod. Perfect for throwing hairy caddis flies, stoneflies and streamers. All of Tom’s rods has that characteristic Winston feel to them, which of course has to do with the bloodline. I have a NOS 8’6’’, 6wt Winston blank from the late 70’s, that was cut and ferruled for me by James Green ages ago. I made a quick SBS in the shop, and they really are siblings. The new taper has a slightly stiffer tip, and I will do a proper lawn cast after the summer break. Lemke seat over cork insert, 7’’ full wells grip and Snake Brand Universals wrapper in red Gossamer.